Wildcat Ridge in Aspen

The former residence of Leon Hirsch and now the current residence of Roman Abramovich, Wildcat Ridge in Aspen, Colorado has the Geothermal HVAC systems engineered by Caesar Rocha who is the Principal at Caesar Rocha, LLC.  The Wildcat Ridge project is a superb example of the ingenuity and intricately designed systems that Caesar Rocha, LLC Consulting […]

The Spiral House in Old Greenwich

While providing subcontracting engineering services for the Consulting Engineer of record, Caesar Rocha served as Mechanical Project Engineer for the Coastal Residence designed by Kaehler/Moore Architects and featured online under Unbuilt Houses, 04/2006.  This later became The Spiral House finished by Joeb Moore + Partners Architects and received one of the AIA 2010 Housing Awards and has […]